Effective thermal control for copper leadframe power semiconductor devices is one of the most challenging issues facing package designers and assemblers today. To address the obstacles that these high temperatures can pose, Henkel has developed Multicore®DA100, a robust and highly reliable dispensing grade die attach solder paste.

As power semiconductor devices such as rectifiers, power transistors, amplifiers, voltage regulators and countless other automotive and consumer packages become more demanding from a thermal point of view, new materials will be required at the die level to effectively dissipate the heat they produce. Traditionally, die attach adhesives have been used for these types of devices, but solder-based die attach materials deliver a more cost-effective and efficient thermal approach for certain applications. Multicore DA100 offers the thermal management required, while also providing several other key characteristics and benefits, including ease of removal during cleaning processes, low-voiding, ease of use and cost-efficiency.

Because these devices will travel through very-high-temperature processes during printed circuit board (PCB) assembly, the solder used must have an extremely high melt point to ensure no component degradation during subsequent assembly processes. Comprised of high lead solder with a liquidus/solidus range of 278°C to 305°C, Multicore DA100 has been optimized for higher temperature processes - typically those in excess of 350°C - ensuring no adverse effects on the molded package. Another important characteristic of the material is the ease with which the flux residue can be cleaned. Multicore DA100 has been designed so that the flux residues are easily cleaned with various solvent systems and there are no incompatibility issues between the flux residues and the mold compound. In addition, Multicore DA100’s unique flux system maintains the integrity of the copper leadframe, with no copper degradation or corrosion post-cleaning.

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