ASME-certified fluid reservoir tanks from I&J Fisnar Inc. include top- and bottom-ported models ranging from 2qts to 5 gal. Top-ported reservoirs are suitable for liquids less than 150,000 cps, and bottom-ported reservoirs can be used for fluids less than 300,000 cps.

Reservoirs are manufactured from either high-grade stainless steel or aluminum and are available in two styles: bottle-type, with a narrow opening to pour liquid directly into the reservoir; or open-top, for insertion of liners and containers. Liners should be used with anaerobic fluid and other materials that should not come into contact with metal.

Each reservoir is supplied with a 10ft (3.05meter) fluid hose and a ¼” (6.35mm) air line. Models are offered with agitators that can de-gas material with the addition of a vacuum pump. Reservoirs are also offered with CE certification.

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