Sovermol 1092 is a bio-based, VOC-free, branched polyether/-ester that shows best performance under critical curing conditions such as high temperatures and high humidity. Even under extreme conditions, it shows remarkable mechanical properties, especially hard elastic performance combined with a shore D hardness of around 85. An additional benefit is its outstanding water resistance. Under appropriate test conditions (28 days tap water storage at 90°C) weight in a 10 mm coating had only increased by 3.7 percent, and by 4.5 percent in a 1 mm coating. Mechanical properties such as elongation or tensile strength had not changed after this test.

These performance properties mean Sovermol 1092 is best suited for applications where high performance is required and that come into contact with water during and after curing, or that have to cure under high humidity. Examples are flooring, roofing, encapsulation, or composite coatings and adhesives. The polyol is very easy to handle due to its low viscosity. This gives manufacturers the opportunity to save overall costs of the formulation by increasing filler content.

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