CHEMINEER: Agitator Brochure

Chemineer recently released a 12-page brochure featuring the new Model 20 HT and GT Agitators. The agitators feature a new, high-efficiency gearbox designed specifically for agitator service. Models are available in right angle and parallel shaft configurations to meet specific application requirements from critical chemical reactor systems to routine storage.

The full-color brochure provides drive and seal features and benefits, as well as illustrations and tables with dimensional information. The brochure also features full descriptions of mounting options, shaft design and impeller technology. Information also includes Chemineer’s state-of-the-art design tools and their aftermarket programs.

The new agitators are designed for a wide range of service in the chemical, pharmaceutical, ethanol and biofuels, water and wastewater, FGD, power, and other general process industries.

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KD SCIENTIFIC: Small Syringe Pump

The KD Scientific Model KDS 310 Nano Pump is used exclusively with micro syringes from 0.5 to 250 microliters.

Small size, remote control and a rugged mounting arm make it ideal for use with micromanipulators, stereotaxic frames, and other clamping devices.

The controller can be six feet away from the pumping unit, which is useful for safely pumping into reaction vessels, pumping radioactive chemicals or for mounting in small places next to an experiment.

The single syringe infusion/withdrawal pump consists of a controller and a remote pump head designed to use a microliter syringe and deliver nanoliter volumes at low flow rates.

The microprocessor-based controller uses a bright display and membrane keypad with a prompt system for easy setup. The pump features preset rate and volume control. The dispense volume is displayed continuously and the pump shuts off automatically when the preset volume has been reached.

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PECORA: Non-Staining Silicones

To eliminate the high cost associated with silicone staining in porous substrates, Pecora is has introduced a new line of silicone products – NST Non-Staining TechnologyTM. A true innovation in sealant technology, Pecora’s NST Non-Staining TechnologyTM(including 864NST, 890NST and 895NST) is the industry’s first complete line of non-staining silicones.

Architects, builders, and contractors can all benefit from the revolutionary properties of the NST Non-Staining Technology line of products. Architects and specifiers can choose an NST sealant with the confidence that it will not be damaged by the silicone regardless of the substrate. And because the NST silicones are available in a variety of modulus - as well as any color you can imagine - the sealant decision process has been made even easier. Contractors and builders can use this revolutionary new line of products knowing that their projects will be seen in years to come for the quality of their workmanship instead of unsightly staining from the sealant. In addition, the NST silicone line provides the practical benefits of improved adhesion and reduced dirt pick-up.

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Spectronics Corp. recently introduced the COBRATMand COBRA-PlusTMmodels of multi-purpose borescopes. Both scopes feature a built-in UV LED and white light LED that enable technicians to inspect and leak-check hard-to-see components without expensive disassembly.

The UV LED is ideal for detecting refrigerant leaks, fluid leaks and surface flaws, while the white light LED is great for component inspection.

The CB-1000 COBRA has a 10 mm, 24” shaft, while the CB-1036 COBRA-Plus features a 10 mm, extra-long 36” shaft for inspections requiring additional reach.

Included with both scopes is a clip-on inspection mirror that provides the added capability to detect flaws normally hidden from view. Four “AA” alkaline batteries (included) power the two service-free, integrated solid-state LEDs. Fluorescence-enhancing glasses for use with UV light and fluorescent leak detection dyes are also included. Dyes are sold separately. All components are packed in a sturdy plastic carrying case with a foam insert.

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TRIDAK: Cartridge Filling Machine

The Tridak Cartridge Filler offers void-free, accurate and consistent filling of just about any single- or dual-component cartridge or syringe typically used for epoxies, dental materials, silicones, and pastes.

This dispenser’s design guarantees consistent, void-free fills by combining bottom-up filling with a special low-clearance nozzle design and adjustable cartridge/material counterbalance system. Patents are pending on both items.

Tridak’s filler overcomes the long-standing problems of clean-up by utilizing a low cost 5- or 10-gallon polypropylene reservoir insert system that can be treated as permanent containers or, alternatively, can be easily removed to store the materials safely. The reservoir liner is placed into a stainless steel pressurized container. It incorporates a straight-thru wetted system that is easily cleaned but also inexpensive enough to be disposable. The unit can also be fed from external tanks or drums using optional pumps. It is an all-pneumatic system that is controlled by foot switch.