This company has announced the introduction of its new PicoDot jet dispensing systems.

As medical devices, electronics, cell phones and many other products continue to put more and more features into smaller and smaller packages, manufacturers need new ways to apply adhesives, coatings, and other assembly fluids in smaller, more precise amounts than ever before.

PicoDot jet dispensing systems bring significant new capabilities to EFD's extensive line of precision fluid dispensing systems. Because PicoDot systems do not contact the substrate, they enable manufacturers to deposit controlled amounts of fluid on hard-to-access areas, uneven surfaces, or in applications where a conventional dispensing needle cannot be used at speeds up to 150 dots per second.

Multiple PicoDot system configurations make it possible to dispense a range of low- (50-1,000mPas), medium- (50-200,000mPas), and high- (1,000-500,000mPas) viscosity fluids in a range of manufacturing applications.

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