Schools across the U.S. can save glue bottles, glue sticks and ultimately the planet one orange cap at a time. Elmer's®Products, Inc., an industry leader in adhesives, arts and crafts, office and educational products, has announced the launch of a school-based glue bottle and glue stick recycling program.

"More than 40 million students use Elmer's glue and glue sticks annually," said Terri Brown, Elmer's Marketing Services and Communications manager. "By recycling Elmer's, the #1 brand of school glue, teachers and students can take pride in improving their communities. To provide teachers with all the tools to execute recycling, we have developed a classroom program with online support to keep students engaged and excited about the recycling project."

The Elmer's Glue Crew Recycling Program combines Elmer's expertise in education and creativity with its commitment to sustainable practices. Throughout the school year, participating classrooms collect empty glue bottles and glue sticks to be recycled. To reduce the environmental impact, teachers and students are encouraged to creatively use empty boxes in the classroom as collection boxes. Once a box is full, teachers simply seal it, label it as instructed, take it to the nearest Wal-Mart®store and drop it off to the store greeter between Earth Day, April 22, 2008, and the end of the school year.

Teachers can visit the Elmer's Glue Crew Recycling Program Web site atwww.elmersgluecrew.comto join or learn more about the program.