This company has introduced a new Syl-Off®Advantage emulsion release coating system. This breakthrough extends the cost-saving benefits of Dow Corning’s proven Advantage Series to water-based coating operations.

The new system, which consists of Syl-Off®EM 7990 Emulsion Coating and its concentrated platinum catalyst, Syl-Off®EM 7975 Catalyst Emulsion, possesses unique properties that deliver lower cost in use than previously available technologies.

The high-efficiency platinum catalyst provides very fast cure at low use levels - increasing line speed and reducing costly platinum requirements. The system also delivers outstanding coverage, making it possible for users to reduce coat weights by as much as 15-25%. This can reduce raw material and energy costs and enable the use of lower-cost base papers.

The Advantage emulsion release coating system’s lower cost in use, coupled with its flat, stable release performance, makes it an excellent choice for a range of pressure-sensitive laminate/label stock applications, including sanitary napkins, panty liners, baby diapers and envelope release. The system is also appropriate for non-stick packaging and industrial release papers.

In addition, the Advantage emulsion system offers important processing benefits, such as good shear stability, ease of mixing, and long bath life for greater application flexibility. The coating formulation can be applied on traditional coating lines or directly on the papermaking machine.

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