A re-designed line of compressed-air powered, adjustable flow tubes that are suited for applications such as cooling and drying, fume, chip and dust removal, paper feeding, part ejection, and tank purging has been introduced by Anver Corp. of Hudson, MA.

Anver FT Series Adjustable Flow Tubes feature a straight-thru bore to let material pass without clogging for maintenance-free operation, and they use a minimal amount of compressed air to produce a high vacuum and exhaust flow. Providing a fully adjustable vacuum and flow rate, these air transfer tubes come in four sizes and can be precisely matched to process requirements.

Precision machined from aluminum, Anver FT Series Adjustable Flow Tubes require no O-Rings or gaskets, provide instant on/off, are explosion-proof, and are designed to attach to standard 1”, 1-1/2”, and 2” hose. Depending upon size, they consume only 3 to 9 SCFM of air, provide output flow from 18 to 145 SCFM, and can be supplied with a wide variety of tubing and fittings.

For more information, visitwww.anver.com.