This company has introduced the VAC-TACTMas a faster, safer, solvent-free adhesive system alternative for composite companies utilizing vacuum infusion technology.

Compared to traditional aerosol adhesive systems commonly used in the vacuum infusion process, the VAC-TAC System is more economical and helps composite companies lower VOC output. The system is ideal for securing and positioning reinforcement materials, and is said to overcome traditional problems usually associated with aerosol adhesive systems. The VAC-TAC system allows building the composite structures faster than alternative methods to save time and reduce production costs. Since the system is solvent-free, health and safety issues are also eliminated.

Strong and durable, the VAC-TAC system holds even large composite material structures in place as well as typical vacuum processing products, including reinforced fabrics, foam, balsa, bleeders, breathers, peel plies and release films.

The VAC-TEC system consists of Powder Adhesives TEC 6300 spray hot-melt glue gun, 20 feet (six meters) of hose and the VAC-TAC adhesive in a hot-melt cartridge form.

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