The new PCT-1000 Programmable Preheater from OK International equips users with the ability to deliver more heat to difficult boards while maintaining very high levels of thermal control and lower operating temperatures. Ideal for high thermal demand applications such as lead-free, multi-layer boards and large ground planes, the PCT-1000 improves process efficiency and control.

Soldering, desoldering and SMD rework operations benefit with improved process speeds and greater control when incorporating the new PCT-1000 programmable preheater. This benchtop system delivers forced convection heat that can be controlled with four time and temperature zones and an additional cooling zone. The PCT-1000 also provides a thermal boost for boards that demand heat due to large ground planes, multiple layers or lead-free solders. This added heat capacity offers an additional benefit of allowing operators to use soldering, desoldering and SMT rework hand tools with lower operating temperatures, avoiding the undesirable (and often damaging,) high temperatures.

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