Henkel presents an innovative hot-melt for pressure-sensitive labels.

Pressure-sensitive labels must meet high quality standards - their machinability and dispensing behavior are just as important as their visual impact. For premium consumer goods in the personal and home-care sector in particular, the label has to sit tight to the very last drop, even when exposed to high mechanical stressing. Innovative adhesives systems from Henkel may be the solution.

The production of high-grade pressure-sensitive labels for consumer goods and industrial applications is a highly specialized industry segment with huge growth potential. In the consumer-goods sector, packaging and product labels are rapidly becoming key quality factors. In the branded-goods industry, therefore, product managers and packaging engineers focus strongly on both. In terms of functionality and aesthetics, innovative adhesives are indispensable for satisfying the tough requirements of the consumer-goods industry.

Henkel has developed a solution for the industry’s specific needs. Having engineered a comprehensive portfolio of pressure-sensitive adhesives for applications with a “no-label” look, Henkel now offers Technomelt 8707 hotmelt, which holds the label firmly in place even under continuous high stress.

In packaging development, transparent film labels with a “no-label” look are becoming increasingly important. They not only have to be crystal clear, but also have to withstand extreme stressing throughout the branded product’s useful life. Particularly on squeezable containers, such as those used for shower gel, shampoo, dishwashing detergent and styling products, the made-to-measure brand label has to sit tight to the last drop. Technomelt PS 8707 has the credentials to fit this bill, even for difficult surfaces like freshly blown PE and PP bottles.

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