The upgraded Flowserve Valtek®MaxFlo 3 provides robust shaft blow-out protection in compliance with ASME standards developed to prevent the stem from being removed or ejected while the valve is under pressure. This important safety feature, stipulated by ASME B16.34 section 6.5.1, comes standard with Valtek MaxFlo 3 control valves.

The Valtek MaxFlo 3 comes in both a standard length (ISA-75.08.02) and globe valve length face-to-face body (ISA-75.08.01 or DIN 3202 F1). The new globe valve length option makes it easier for customers to transition from globe style valves to eccentric rotary plug valves when conditions permit.

Retaining industry-superior aspects of the original MaxFlo design, the MaxFlo 3 uses a non-crossover shaft resulting in a significantly higher Cv for a given valve size, and it minimizes shaft damage from erosive process fluid. Other important features include tight bi-directional shut-off and low breakout torque.

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