University Technologies International (UTI), the University of Calgary’s technology transfer, commercialization and incubation center, and Materia Inc., Pasadena, CA, have announced the signing of an exclusive license agreement for olefin metathesis catalysts developed by Dr. Warren Piers.

“Materia’s expertise in commercializing catalyst technology along with their international competitiveness made them the ideal licensing partner for Dr. Piers’ technology,” said Kevin Casement, vice president, Licensing & Business Development for UTI. “This agreement illustrates the valuable partnerships being created between university researchers and the business community to bring innovative new technologies to the market.” This exclusive license is an expansion of the 2004 agreement between UTI and Material that allowed Materia to provide research materials and support for further scientific studies on Dr. Piers’ metathesis catalysts. Promising results prompted Materia to expand its agreement to an exclusive license that allows them the rights to sell and produce products using Dr. Piers’ technology.

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