If you’re flying the friendly skies this August, you may have the opportunity to listen to an interview with the Adhesive and Sealant Council, Inc.'s (ASC) President Lawrence D. Sloan on SkyRadio. Sloan was a guest on SkyRadio'sIndustry Innovatorsprogram, which reaches some 4.2 million listeners on American and Northwest Airline flights.

During the interview, Sloan discussed ASC programs and initiatives that will help guide members through these turbulent times. As the watchdog, champion and voice of the industry, ASC monitors business and industry trends, and strives to address member concerns through education, public advocacy, and new programs and services.

One business trend discussed during Sloan’s interview was the pending retirement of the Baby-Boomers and the advancement of the next generation. According to Sloan, ASC is responding to this trend by creating specific programs for leaders of tomorrow, including web-based educational opportunities.

Sloan also discussed an industry trend that recognizes the importance of architects, engineers, and other adhesive and sealant decision-makers, as well as ASC's efforts to reach these individuals through a program called “Grow the Industry.” Adhesives.org, the new educational web portal targeted towards engineers and designers (and one of ASC's “Grow the Industry” efforts), was highlighted in some detail.

Appropriately, the interview also included some surprising data on the role of adhesives and sealants in the aerospace industry; nine million pounds of "glue" are used in this market per year, which may come as a surprise to some consumers. As SkyRadio's host stated, Sloan provides "a window into an area that we use everyday, but don't really think about."

A sound clip of the interview is available atwww.ascouncil.org/news/newsroomand details on the various ASC programs discussed can be found on the ASC homepage atwww.ascouncil.org.