The monthly roundup from Editor Teresa McPherson.

Welcome to the October issue ofASI. This month, we feature our annual look at the top adhesive and sealant companies with our “ASI Honor Roll.” This report lists leading adhesive and sealant manufacturers by total 2007 corporate sales, and includes a profile of each company.

Speaking of market leaders, Managing Editor Brian Hayes contacted several adhesive and sealant companies to get their take on the years ahead. What will the coming year bring for the industry? Find out in “State of the Industry Roundtable.”

And in “2008 State-of-the-Industry Report,” Dan Murad, president and CEO of The ChemQuest Group Inc., provides a 2008 state of the industry report that reflects on the current year and makes predictions for 2009.

Regulations and chemical safety are always a top priority for chemicals manufacturers. Ensuring the safety of employees when making chemicals is crucial to doing business. “Spray Adhesive Solvent Update” examines a chemical solvent used in foam-fabricating adhesives and the health concerns associated with it.

“Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards Regulations” discusses the Department of Homeland Security’s CFATS Interim Final Rule. This rule is intended to establish a baseline level of security for facilities considered to pose high risk to the general population in the event of a terrorist attack. It defines security requirements for facilities that use, manufacture, store or handle specific quantities of approximately 323 chemicals that DHS has identified as being extremely dangerous.

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