New single-coated, polyethylene-based AcrysureTMmatte films from MACtac Medical Products include the 1.5-mil TM1015 and the 3.0-mil TM1030, both of which are customizable and offer a variety of capabilities to meet customers’ specific design needs.

Featuring MACtac’s medical-grade pressure-sensitive adhesive systems, the new matte films are ideal for manufacturers of surgical drapes for incise applications where a matte or non-glare finish is essential to operational success. Also, the new TM1015 and TM1030 offer moderate breathability properties and clean removal from skin, making them the perfect solution for ostomy applications.

MACtac Medical Products’ long-standing Acrysure product line offers a variety of film, foam and non-woven constructions to meet specific product requirements. All MACtac Medical Products adhesives are tested according to ISO 10993-5/-10 standards for cytotoxicity, skin irritation and skin sensitization, and are suitable for sustained skin contact with third-party biocompatibility documentation.

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