Solvay Chemicals Inc. has introduced a new SOLVAir Products website,, designed specifically for use by the air pollution control industry. The website offers an overview of target pollutants and industries served, as well as detailed information on SOLVAir products.

SOLVAir Products are used specifically for air pollution control, in particular SO2, SO3, NOX, HCl and Hg. Products include SOLVAir Select 300 sodium bicarbonate, Select 200 trona, Select SA soda ash, Select SS sodium sulfite and SOLVAir Hydrogen Peroxide.

www.solvair.usalso offers a Resource Library of literature on air pollution control, from product applications to control technologies such as dry sorbent injection and wet and dry scrubbing; Trade Show updates; and Links to pertinent companies, organizations, and trade publication articles.

The SOLVAir group offers powerful products to control or eliminate stack gas pollutants in coal-fired power plants and industries such as glass, cement, waste incineration, precious metal refining, petroleum refining, and pulp and paper. Throughout the U.S., SOLVAir products have effectively controlled industrial air pollution for more than 20 years.

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