Rollprint Packaging Products, Inc. recently launched Triad, a new high-barrier, solvent-free overwrap developed using the company’s proprietary metallocene-based sealant chemistry. The sealant layer bonds to foil without the use of solvent or water-based materials.

Triad is an extrusion-coated lamination of polyester, aluminum foil and metallocene that has been engineered to provide strong hermetic weld seal in high-speed, chemically-sensitive pharmaceutical applications. Equally important, the performance benefits can be achieved at a cost-competitive price.

The water-based bonding agents designed to avoid the use of solvents typically do not hold up well with products that contain water or require high bond. Rollprint’s Triad addresses all those issues by using chemically-clean bonding agents and a sealant layer to offer high moisture and oxygen barrier at sealing speeds of more than 100 linear feet per minute.

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