At the first-ever German Sustainability Congress, the award for Germany’s Most Sustainable Brand went to Henkel, providing the company with another major accolade for its activities in this field.

“We are happy to receive this award because we have been working on the sustainability topic for more than 130 years,” said Kasper Rorsted, chief executive officer of Henkel. “Sustainability is part of our DNA.”

For the first time in 2008, the German Sustainability Awards were conferred to companies that combine economic success with social responsibility and protection of the environment in an exemplary manner - and use their sustainability platform as a springboard to further growth. The independent jury focused particularly on consistency in sustainability management and evidence of a thorough approach to communications on sustainability topics. One of the main factors for Henkel’s selection was that the company had addressed the challenges of sustainability early in its history, thus developing a comprehensive corporate social responsibility strategy over the years. There was also recognition of Henkel’s methodical approach in designating as its focal areas the fields of Energy and Climate, Water and Wastewater, Materials and Waste, Safety and Health, and Social Progress.

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