TridakTM, a producer of standard and custom fluid dispensing equipment, has introduced its model 775 spool dispensing valve. The 775 dispensing valve handles tacky materials with ease and eliminates unwanted problems that are inherent with stringy and low-viscosity materials. This valve offers an adjustable and lockable suck-back control, as well as adjustable and lockable flow control.

The suck-back feature of the 775 spool dispensing valve greatly increases accuracy and repeatability when dispensing materials. Having control over the amount of suck-back assures consistent, string-less dispensing of tackier materials, and prevents droplets from remaining on the dispense nozzle when using low-viscosity materials.  The valve’s other key feature, adjustable flow control, gives users the ability to have complete control over the amount of material dispensed.  The 775 valve can dispense volumes as little as 0.01 ml.

The model 775 valve is recommended for use with a variety of different low-to-high viscosity materials, including adhesives, solvents, oils, grease, sealants, plastisols, oils, RTVs, pastes, gels and acids. This valve can be used with a number of different components to make the fluid dispensing process faster and more efficient. Tridak can also modify the valve to meet a company’s specific requirements.

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