Pilot Chemical Co. recently increased its product offering for Emulsion Polymerization applications with the introduction of Calimulse®EM-96F, Calimulse EM-22 and Calsoft®OS-45S.

Calimulse EM-96F is a branched alkyl benzene sulfonate with excellent emulsification and wetting properties. Calimulse EM-22 is an easy-to-handle liquid branched alkyl benzene sulfonate. Calsoft®OS-45S is a sodium oleic sulfonate with excellent wetting and low foaming emulsification characteristics.

These products are CFR 21-compliant and produce very stable and consistent emulsions of styrene-butadiene, vinyl, acrylic, nitrile, and other copolymer latex systems. Emulsions utilizing these products are ideal for paint, coating, rubber, adhesive and polymer manufacturing applications.

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