ANGUS Chemical Co., a wholly owned subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Co., has announced the completion of its new Market Development Facility designed to help promote molecules the company is developing with a new nitration process.

“This facility embodies the ANGUS core values of growth, innovation and passion,” said Mark Henning, president and CEO of ANGUS. “As a leader in specialty chemical additives, ANGUS has proven its ability to deliver performance-enhancing amines that boost the value of end products for our customers. This new facility allows for process optimization of our existing nitroparrafins, as well as the flexibility and creativity to create new products from various feedstocks.”

Nitroparaffins are versatile specialty chemicals that are used in markets as diverse as paint, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and rubber. Using proprietary technologies and the new Market Development Facility, ANGUS hopes to bring value-added solutions to its customers.

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