EMSEAL, Westborough, MA, has introduced what it claims to be the market’s first UL-certified, single-unit, fire-rated expansion joint that is trafficable, watertight, and capable of accommodating high-movement - EMSHIELD DFR2.

Structures that will benefit from this technology include stadiums, arenas, hospitals, schools, universities, airports, parking decks, hotels and other structures where containment of fire at structural expansion joints is required. The new hybrid system is ideal for both new and retrofit uses in construction and infrastructure applications.

EMSHIELD DFR2 is comprised of fire-retardant-impregnated foam, pre-coated on the underside with an intumescent fire proofing material and pre-coated on the traffic surface with highway-grade, fuel resistant silicone. It is installed into a joint gap, which is primed with field-applied epoxy and finished with field-injected silicone sealant bands against the substrates.

The result is a product that can withstand vehicular and other traffic, while reportedly handling thermal, traffic, wind, and seismic-induced movements. It provides waterproofing protection of adjacent building materials and occupied spaces below while also providing the life-safety protection of a two-hour rating.

For more information, emailtechinfo@emseal.comor visit www.emseal.com.