Prometheus Acquisitions LLC, Lafayette, NJ, has announced the acquisition of EFTEC North America LLC’s formed butyl product line. Included in the purchase are products sold under the EFDAMP trade name, formulas, manufacturing lines and all existing finished goods and raw materials. Prometheus will move the manufacturing operation from EFTEC’s Dayton, OH, plant to its own PARR Technologies LLC facility in Elkhart, IN.

“This line of sound-damping products will expand our existing extruded butyl product offering and deliver enhanced value to our customer base,” said James Tonges, vice president of sales and marketing for PARR Technologies LLC.

PARR Technologies was purchased from HB Fuller in January 2006. The Elkhart facility manufactures extruded tapes, rubber-based adhesives, sealants and water-based coatings. Markets served include manufactured housing, appliance manufacturing (refrigerators and freezers), construction, highway marking, automotive, RV, and transportation.

For more information, call (973) 702-1930.