Covinax 462 is a clear styrene-acrylic copolymer for permanent pressure-sensitive applications that require high water and blush resistance. Its high transparency makes it ideal for use in clear film labels used on glass and plastic surfaces, including auto glass and bath and shower products.

Covinax 462 also withstands UV, weather and outside exposure without unsightly yellowing or water damage, even over time. Lab testing performed with Colorimeter showed only a negligible increasing in yellowing on Mylar and paper.

Convinax 462 offers peel adhesion strength of 2.50 pounds (180° peel adhesion testing), strength of 1,251 minutes (178° shear adhesion test) and a loop tack of 2.10 pounds. The high-shear properties equate to temperature in the performance range of 100 to 160° C.

Covinax 462 is water based and coats in both direct coating and transfer processes, meeting individual production demands at label manufacturing facilities. It also meets demands for environmental friendliness.

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