This company recently produced a special version of its 1-S laboratory mill that allows it to easily convert from a batch mill to a circulation mill.

For companies who already own the 1-S Attritor from Union Process, a conversion kit assembly is available that will allow the customer to retrofit the batch-type mill to a circulation-type mill. For certain applications, circulation grinding is preferred as it utilizes a high pumping rate, which results in narrow particle size distribution and good temperature control. Additional advantages of circulation milling include larger batch sizes using a smaller mill; savings in grinding media since fewer media is required; and easy formulation adjustments and sampling.

The conversion kit is comprised of an upper discharge chamber, a grid plate assembly, and an impeller and agitator shaft/arm assembly. As with all circulation attritors, a pump and separate holding tank would be required.

For more information, e-maileli@unionprocess.comor call (330) 929-3333.