The XIAMETER®web-enabled marketplace from Dow Corning recently launched an expanded business model and new website to provide more products, better functionality, and an easier method to order silicone-based products.

Introduced by Dow Corning in 2002 as the first of its kind in the silicone marketplace, the XIAMETER business model allows customers to purchase high-quality, standard silicones.

The changes are part of a business transformation strategy recently announced by Dow Corning that focuses on helping customers be more efficient, innovative and sustainable.

 Key enhancements to the XIAMETER business include:
  • All standard silicone products manufactured by Dow Corning will be available under the XIAMETER brand.
  • Volume and price options are now available to allow customers to determine what works best for them.
  • XIAMETER brand products will be available from local distributors for customers who prefer local convenience, customized services or for those who cannot meet minimum order quantities.
  • The XIAMETER website is now available in Chinese and Korean, in addition to English.

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