Accelerated cost reduction actions, record performance by Dow AgroSciences and lower raw material costs help offset challenging economic condition.

First Quarter 2009 Highlights
  • Earnings were $0.03 per share, or $0.12 per share excluding certain items, as cost control actions and price/volume management mitigated the effects from the worst global recession in decades.
  • Agricultural Sciences set quarterly records for both sales and EBIT. Sales for the segment increased 10% on a year-over-year basis, reflecting a 10% increase in volume.
  • Purchased feedstock and energy costs were down 49% compared to the same quarter last year, contributing to a 20% decline in selling prices, with the majority of the decline in the Basics segments.
  • EBIT excluding certain items improved sequentially, with the largest percentage improvement coming from the Performance segments, above and beyond the seasonality of Agricultural Sciences.
  • Rapid actions to reduce operating costs in the quarter resulted in a decrease in spending of $270 million year-over-year and sequentially. Capital spending was down 35% in the quarter, in line with the company’s pre-acquisition 2009 capital spending commitment of $1.1 billion.
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