ChemInstruments’ new EZ-Lab 3.0 data management software interfaces with all load cell-based testing platforms. The upgraded software offers a simple and intuitive way to get more out of testing equipment. EZ-Lab 3.0 data management software provides test data results in report-ready format, and offers other powerful statistical analysis and reporting capabilities on any Microsoft Windows-based personal computer.

A main screen contains all commands for easy setup and operation. Data is automatically graphed upon test completion, with pertinent data points highlighted for easy reference. Up to five graphs can be overlaid for comparison purposes, and up to 99 tests can be tabulated for statistical analysis. A new graph-cropping feature provides more detailed analysis and selected views.

Files are automatically saved in the root directory for security purposes, and may also be saved anywhere on a local network. Test data files are transferrable across networks and the Internet. Test results can be shared in Adobe .PDF format, and users can convert EZ-Lab files into Microsoft Excel files with one click.

For more information on EZ-Lab 3.0 data management software and the ChemInstruments line of testing equipment, contact Brian Bresser at (513) 860-1598.