Green solution proven to successfully strengthen industrial, commercial, warehousing and even school specialty floors

It isn't enough for maintenance professionals to simply keep up their facilities. In addition to meeting the demands that new loads and change of use places on a facility, industrial building owners and educational institutions are pressured to use environmentally friendly solutions that still offer extreme durability.

Case in point is a printing facility operated by one of the nation's largest newspapers that was experiencing problems with their slab-on-pile warehouse. The warehouse depends on the assistance of automated guided vehicles (AGV) to carry rolls of paper that weigh in excess of 4,000 lbs. The floor began to experience extreme reflective cracking due to the large loads. This cracking affects the performance of the AGVs and needed to be repaired to ensure the facility was operating at maximum efficiency. Additionally, heavy loads, repetitive pathing and sharp turn angles of the AGVs were causing extreme wear to the concrete as the wheels of the AGVs ground into the surface.

Stop the Presses

To address these concerns, the company hired Structural Preservation Systems (SPS), a Baltimore-based specialty-contracting firm, to perform the repairs. Initial inspections of the facility by SPS revealed that there was a construction defect - the rebar was placed too low in the slab to handle the large loads - and this defect led to the reflecting cracks. Although another company was working on conventional repairs in a different area of the warehouse, they were over budget and had surpassed the estimated time of shutdown and repair. Recognizing that time was of the essence and the frustration level was high, SPS suggested an innovative repair strategy involving Tstrata TR (Tensile Reinforced Flooring System), a polymer resin flooring system that incorporates Hardwire® High Strength Steel Reinforcement and a high-wear UV-stable, clearcoat finish.

An engineered solution, Tstrata floor strengthening systems enhance the tensile strength of concrete surfaces without increasing thickness more than one-fourth of an inch. The Tstrata systems strengthen the existing floor and allow for instantaneous curing with UV light technology. The system minimizes operational disruption associated with conventional concrete repairs. Providing a reinforcing repair and a beautiful finish that is chemical resistant, seamless, slip resistant, and easy to clean, the tensile reinforcement and optional static dissipative features of Tstrata are optimal for industrial warehousing and manufacturing facilities that utilize fork trucks and AGV-material-handling equipment.

For this printing facility, the incorporation of Hardwire provided the floor with adequate tensile strength and support. The AGV systems employed by the printing facility required a static dissipative flooring system, which was easily incorporated into the floor. Like all Tstrata flooring systems, the UV-curing finishing system allowed the floors to be immediately put back in service following installation. And it made SPS able to use a progressive repair approach that required shutdown of the facility in sections for only a couple of days over weekend periods. Other methods would have required a longer shutdown and replacement of the existing floor and rebar. SPS was able to save the newspaper both time and money with this approach.

Back to School

Today's educational facilities also are growing increasingly concerned about the effects that repair and retrofit materials have not only on their structures, but on their staff and students as well. Parents have learned more about the effects that chemicals can have on their children, so they have taken an active interest in the materials being used on projects at schools and want to ensure that no HAPs or VOCs are used.

Case in point is the Winneconne Community School in Winneconne, WI. The structure was experiencing several unattractive cracks in an 11-foot-by-65-foot passageway that connects the middle school to the high school. Originally constructed in 1998 as a concrete slab-on-grade floor with enclosed heating elements, the corridor has five sets of double doors, with three serving as exits to an outdoor courtyard. The floor was coated with an epoxy coating that did not hold up to the daily wear of the 850 students traversing the corridor, or thorough cleanings.

Recognizing the need for a durable-yet-green solution, the school contacted SPS and the Tstrata H coated flooring system was selected to repair the floor.

SPS began the repair project with surface preparation that required removing the old coating in some areas. Although SPS had a very short time frame in which to complete the repairs - all repairs had to be completed over the summer break - SPS was able to complete the majority of the repairs in three days. Adding further appeal to the floor, SPS incorporated the school's logo, a wolf in a glow-in-the-dark material, as well as burgundy, dark gray and white flecks to match the school's colors. To meet building code requirements, reflective tape was used for aisle markings. School officials are extremely pleased with the results of the customized, easy-to-clean and durable floor system.

"Tstrata offers many unique benefits to a variety of different markets," said John Friedel, Marketing manager at Structural Preservation Systems. "With a non-intrusive application process and no hazardous air pollutants or volatile organic compounds, Tstrata can be installed without major or costly disruptions to daily operations, which is extremely important for educational and industrial facilities."

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SIDEBAR: Five Tstrata Applications Available

  • Tstrata TR (Tensile Reinforced Flooring System) is a polymer resin flooring system that incorporates Hardwire High Strength Steel Reinforcement and a high-wear, UV-stable, clearcoat finish.
  • Tstrata H (High Build Flooring System) is a high-build polymer resin flooring system.
  • Tstrata S (Coated Flooring System) is a polymer resin flooring system.
  • Tstrata SD (Static Dissipative Flooring System) is a static-dissipative option that can be incorporated into any Tstrata system. Tstrata SD provides a durable, static-dissipative surface that is ideal for clean rooms, micro-chip assembly areas and warehouse and manufacturing operations using AGVs.
  • Tstrata TS (High Build Flooring System) is designed specifically to withstand the demands of food, beverage, and pharmaceutical manufacturing areas without compromising the beauty and ease of cleaning associated with other Tstrata Flooring Systems. Tstrata TS is useful where a durable high build floor with slip resistance is required. Capable of withstanding frequent cleaning cycles with harsh cleaning solutions, high temperature wash downs and steam cleaning is the optimal choice for food, beverage, and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities.

Available in a variety of colors, Tstrata systems can be designed to feature multi-color flecks to add visual interest to the floor. Further, all systems are seamless, durable and chemical resistant. The systems have been successfully installed in a variety of facilities, including large national retail chain stores, distribution and warehousing facilities, schools, chemical processing plants, food and beverage processing facilities, hospitals, automotive facilities, and pharmaceutical plants.