To address the thermal requirements posed by smaller-outline, higher-functioning-power semiconductor devices, Henkel has formulated an advanced die attach solder paste suitable for both high-lead and lead-free applications. Under the leading Multicore®brand of solder materials, this innovative product ensures the thermal management efficiency critical for long-term reliability and performance.

Multicore DA100TMincorporates a no clean, ROLO flux system that can be used for high-lead applications and offers capability for lead-free processes as well. Using specific high-temperature, Pb-free alloys to offer the same thermal control necessary for today’s rectifiers, power transistors, amplifiers, and many other consumer and automotive components, DA100 complies with the environmental goal of  lead elimination in power packages by 2013, as stipulated by ROHS legislation. Furthermore, packaging specialists that wish to use high-lead solders today can easily move to lead-free solders tomorrow, while utilizing the same flux system offered through the DA100. This ability to employ a consistent flux system minimizes the impact of flux reliability evaluation programs for such critical elements as cleanability, wire bonding and molding, among others. 

DA100 delivers exceptionally low void formation, which is a critical characteristic to ensure optimized electrical and thermal conductivity and overall device reliability.  While the packaging industry has generally accepted void percentages that range from 10% to 20%, the Multicore die attach solder portfolio exhibits less that 5% void instances on average. As compared to traditional flux systems, DA100 is formulated specifically to hold a higher metal loading for dispensable applications. The material offers dispense capability with significant pause time and dot-to-dot consistency, cleaning adaptability through compatibility with a variety of commercialized solvents, and 12-month storage stability with no material degradation.   

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