Harper International Corp. has announced the installation and commissioning of an advanced rotary reactor system for the purification of fine oxide-based powders with hot chlorine gas or synthesis of metallic chloride gases. This highly engineered rotary system operates at 1250°C and incorporates Harper’s patented sealing technology, allowing the use of 100% chlorine gas at these elevated temperatures.

The entire system - from the controlled feeding through complete processing - is fabricated from high-purity quartz to maintain material purity.

Ultra-high-purity oxides and metallic chloride gases have several applications in the renewable energy market, where purity of materials impacts operating performance.

Harper’s team of engineers and scientists focused to create this new rotary system with integrated computer software and controls to achieve rigorous control over safety concerns. The entire system is continuously monitored and equipped with emergency purging systems. Initial design tests were conducted at the Harper Technology Center. Harper has crafted several systems that operate in corrosive environments, however this is the first rotary system that allows for the continuous processing and purification of particulate materials.

For more information, visitwww.harperintl.com.