FLEXcon now offers FLEXmark®V 600 F White V-778 90 PFW pressure-sensitive film.

For OEMs looking to permanently adhere labels or printed graphic attachments to thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) surfaces and other low-surface-energy substrates, FLEXcon introduces FLEXmark®V 600 F White V-778 90 PFW (1.9-2.1). This pressure-sensitive film's V-778 adhesive ill permanently adheres to TPO surfaces without the use of pre-application primers or flame treatment, which can be expensive, time-consuming and hazardous.  FLEXcon's V-778 adhesive saves time and money, lowering the total applied cost of labels and graphics vs. conventional transfer tape alternatives. Parts must still be cleaned before application, but only with an IPA/water wash.  

This product is ideal for decals and decorations, performance graphic attachment or label component (large or small permanent labels) not only for low-surface-energy plastics but also painted metal, powder-coated paint, polycarbonate, and fiberglass. It is intended for use on trucks and buses; agricultural equipment; utility and all-terrain vehicles; boats and marine equipment; recreational vehicles; cargo trailers; motorcycles; industrial equipment; specialty vehicles; automotive exteriors and interiors; and sporting equipment.

The film/adhesive combination conforms easily to flat or semi-compound curved surfaces and offers excellent outdoor durability. In addition, the rigidity of the 6-mil white opaque vinyl film contributes to easy application, and provides excellent surface smoothness for superior print quality via conventional and UV ink systems. It is backed with a layflat 90-lb. moisture-stable polycoated release liner, which is ideal for sheet-form converting.  With this base product, FLEXcon also has the ability to offer custom product constructions - by modifying the adhesive coat weight, liner and topcoat - to meet specific customer requirements.

FLEXmark V 600 F White V-778 90 PFW (1.9-2.1) is available in 60” master rolls from FLEXcon Quick-Ship Inventory. Sample sheets (8” x 10” and 20” x 27”) are also available for immediate delivery. 

For more information, visitwww.flexcon.com.