Viachem Ltd. has been selected by Marubeni Specialty Chemicals Inc. to provide North American distribution of Asahi Kasei F310 Polyvinylidene Chloride (PVDC) Resin. Marubeni has transferred all sales, service and marketing responsibilities for the specialty ingredient from ChemPoint.

Known for its excellent humidity, gas and aroma barrier properties, Asahi Kasei F310 PVDC Resin is often used to modify atmosphere packaging for food, protective coatings on metals, and in several other areas where products need to be protected from their respective environment.

“We’ve tapped Viachem to expand our distribution footprint with F310 PVDC Resin in North America based on the company’s trained sales and support staff, as well as service,” said Mark Mooney, senior sales and marketing manager for Marubeni. “Given the broad range of applications for F310 PVDC Resin, we want to capitalize on all of the possible audiences, uses and markets for the product. This partnership with Viachem allows us to have that bandwidth efficiently and effectively.”

Besides being used for film and paper coatings, F310 PVDC Resin is also used for ink formulation and metal coating.

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