CAS-MI Laboratories opens Innovation Center, receives $1.2 million tax credit for expansion in Michigan.

Not all Michigan companies and industries are struggling during these challenging economic times - some are thriving and expanding. CAS-MI Laboratories, Ypsilanti, MI, recently opened its new Innovation Center, an incubator for new industrial and consumer formulated products, including adhesives, coatings, plastics, and more.

The scientists at this independent facility can take a new or existing idea and develop formulations through production, creating benchtop batches for testing and scale-up. The center’s staff can also help with certifications and environmental standards, as well as assist with managing toll production. The center was designed to help companies turn their ideas and dreams into real products in the marketplace.

“We can be a product-development and testing partner,” said Stephen C. Hall, technical director of the CAS-MI Innovation Center. “Knowing that the lab is no substitute for real-world conditions, we can also create different versions of a product for beta testing, application support and market research.”

“The center’s affiliation with CAS-MI Laboratories ensures that our clients have access to the resources of a full-service analytical laboratory,” says G. Fred Willard, Ph.D., vice president of Technology. “If problems occur, our clients can rely on CAS-MI to provide quick, reliable answers.”

Tax Credit Allows for Expansion

Michigan Governor Jennifer M. Granholm has announced that the Michigan Economic Development Corp. (MEDC) is supporting CAS-MI Laboratories’ new Innovation Center. Based on MEDC’s recommendation, the Michigan Economic Growth Authority (MEGA) approved a state tax credit for CAS-MI valued at $1.2 million over 10 years.

Due to the company’s recent growth, expansion opportunities were explored in both Michigan and Missouri, where the company headquarters is located. However, both the MEGA tax credit and the support of Ypsilanti Township encouraged the company to expand near its current location. The credit is aimed at helping CAS-MI invest in the state’s economy.

This tax credit will help fund the expansion of the new Innovation Center. Plans are under way for CAS-MI and the Innovation Center to move from two separate facilities into a newly purchased, 11,000-square-foot facility in Ypsilanti Township. CAS-MI plans to invest millions of dollars in building renovations, new equipment and state-of-the-art technology over the next five years. To further support local business, it will hire Michigan contractors with skilled labor to expand and modify the new facility.

The company currently employs eight people, but plans to add 10 jobs by end of 2010. By 2014, the company expects to employ more than 60 people. CAS-MI prides itself on hiring people from the southeast Michigan area, including students and graduates from nearby Eastern Michigan University. CAS-MI will continue its dedication to hiring locals by engaging employees in technical, professional and clerical roles.

“We’re thrilled to partner with the State of Michigan on job creation and expansion of technical services,” said David W. Riggs, PE, president of CAS-MI Laboratories. “We are especially excited about our Innovation Center’s potential to attract more entrepreneurs to our state.”

About CAS-MI Laboratories

CAS-MI Laboratories provides independent product testing and chemical analysis for the adhesives, coatings, and polymer industries. Troubleshooting services include deformulation, contaminant identification, failure analysis and materials testing. The CAS-MI Innovation Center offers formulation services, scale-up assistance, regulation support, toll production and beta testing. CAS-MI Laboratories also specializes in litigation support and consulting, with expert witness services for issues involving coatings, polymers, plastics, adhesives, sealants, elastomers, and more.

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