ConProTec Inc has announced the availability of its new MIXPAC S-50 System for two-component adhesive dispensing. When used with DTIC’s electric handheld adhesive dispenser, the new system can accommodate both the standard MIXPAC System with volumetric ratios of 1:1, 2:1, 4:1 and 10:1, and also the New MIXPAC S50 System with an additional ratio of 3:2.

When dispensing adhesives with DTIC’s battery operated 50mL gun and ConProTec’s MIXPAC S-50 System, end users obtain a higher overall flow rate and more power. In addition, the versatile gun has the capacity to dispense thicker materials safely and can dispense up to 50 ConProTec cartridges on a single charge, depending upon the material viscosity and application.

This new feature of the MIXPAC S-50 significantly reduces or stops oozing from the mix-tip after releasing the trigger of the cartridge. Capable of dispensing even high-viscosity materials over 1 million cps in under a minute, this rechargeable, battery-powered tool is easy to handle and eliminates repetitive squeezing.

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