Celanese Corp. has announced an organizational change that will accelerate the company’s growth by speeding new technologies and innovations into the market.

This organizational change, called the Office of Strategic Growth, will partner with Celanese’s businesses to:
  • Enrich the portfolio of projects and technologies to better align with customer strategies and strengthen the Celanese manufacturing processes;
  • Accelerate the improvement of innovation processes to increase the company’s ability to get paid for innovation that creates value for Celanese and its customers; and
  • Build best-in-class capabilities and talent in critical areas of the company.
The Office of Strategic Growth will be accountable to the company’s senior executive officers and will consist of two key leaders:
  • Michael Stubblefield will assume the role of chief marketing officer effective Nov. 1.
  • Jon Mortimer will assume the role of chief technology officer. Mortimer will transition into this role over the course of the current quarter.
“We have proven that by leveraging a Center of Excellence concept, such as those in Manufacturing or Six Sigma, we can create and drive sustainable growth and productivity,” said Dave Weidman, chairman and CEO, Celanese. “The Office of Strategic Growth will operate with a similar charter - establishing best practices and driving those standards of excellence in partnership with our businesses to support customer-focused innovation and growth.”

For more information, visitwww.celanese.com.