This company now offers cost-effective disposable filter units designed to protect sensitive equipment and instrumentation from contamination found in compressed gas and liquids.

Parker Balston DFUs are available in sizes from 1” to 12” long and are available in gas filtration efficiencies up to 99.999+% at .01 micron and liquid filtration efficiencies ranging from 75 micron to 0.9 micron at 98%.

Features include vapor adsorption models, oil indicating elements and integral barbed connections.  Pressure ranges to 125 psig and temperatures to 275°F. These economical filters combine the ease and convenience of disposability with proven Balston filtration technology. They are designed to complement instrumentation and equipment that is sensitive to contamination found in compressed gas and liquids.

Applications include: final filter for logic devices; protection of pneumatic components; filtration of portable environmental sampling devices; filtration of samples to analyzers; protection of pneumatic temperature controls; filtration to emissions monitoring devices; filtration of medical devices; and filtration of inkjet printers.

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