3M has made an in-kind contribution of 250 700 Series Super Close Projection Systems, valued at about $720,000, to the SME Education Foundation for distribution to the network of middle and high schools across the country offering Project Lead the Way (PLTW)®curriculum.

“Our gift reflects 3M’s mission to invest in teachers - giving them opportunities to introduce new ways of learning into the classroom to make math and science relevant and engaging for students - and Project Lead The Way curriculum does that,” says Barbara Kaufmann, manager, Education Giving, and director, 3M Foundation. 

All Project Lead the Way high school and middle school engineering courses have several underlying content areas in common. As students progress through the sequence they work toward becoming proficient in: working as a contributing member of a team; leading a team; using appropriate written and/or visual mediums to communicate with a variety of audiences; public speaking; listening to the needs and ideas of others; understanding the potential impact their ideas and products may have on society; thinking; problem solving; managing time, resources and projects; researching; going beyond the classroom for answers; data collection and analysis; and preparing for two- and four-year college engineering and engineering technology programs.

In an effort to recruit students into the PLTW engineering coursework, the SME Education Foundation offers the Gateway Academy, a summer camp that allows students to work together in a fun and exciting environment. Students brainstorm ideas, solve problems and learn the basics of engineering concepts involving alternative energy, eco-design, robotics, manufacturing and aerodynamics, all in a hands-on, project-based environment.

For more information, visit:www.pltw.com.