3MTMrecently introduced its new Laminating Adhesive 360, for fast, secure assembly of a range of HSE and LSE materials including glass, ABS, and difficult-to-bond PP, HDPE, LDPE, nylon and powder-coated or UV painted surfaces.

New 3M Laminating Adhesive 360 is available in a thin 2-mil or 5-mil transfer tape and 2-mil or 4-mil double-coated tape for a low profile bond line and a smooth appearance. The conformable adhesive provides shear and peel strengths that are equal to or greater than many thicker tapes, enabling secure attachment of the many new thinner and lighter-weight products being designed by OEM's today.

The low-odor adhesive offers resistance to high heat and humidity as well as solvents and other harsh environments. Parts are bonded quickly and easily with more strength and less adhesive when compared to competitive products.

The technology behind 3M Laminating Adhesive 360 offers converters increased productivity with fewer time-wasting production issues. Users experience little or no oozing, which helps die-cut pieces retain their clean edge, and virtually eliminates adhesive residue on cutting blades, liner backing and/or die-cut part surfaces, while removing concern for adhesive "picking" during unwind.

For more information, visit:www.3M.com/converter.