PAM Fastening Technology introduces an improved hot-melt cartridge applicator with a large 3-mm extension nozzle and increased heating in the nozzle block area of the gun for easier spraying or improved extrusion of the adhesive.

Designed for PUR and other thermoset hot-melt cartridges, the new PAM 700KD Cartridge Applicator uses an internal heated chamber to hold a 10 oz (310 ml) capacity aluminum cartridge and is available in a spray or extrusion model. The integrated digital LED temperature display and controls have an adjustable operating temperature of 100°F-410°F (40°C-210°C).

With a warmup time of 10 minutes or less, the lightweight PAM 700KD is suited for a variety of projects. The extrusion model can be used in areas varying from large surfaces to more precise bead or line applications. The spray applicator quickly and efficiently delivers adhesives with little waste and high accuracy through precise spiral spray patterns.

An automatic temperature reduction system cools the adhesives 100°F for every 20 minutes the system is left unattended. An electronic temperature control and a safety ground terminal add to operator security.

The use of compressed air supply allows for precise control of flow while providing a fine or wide line, bead or spray, depending on your adhesive application requirements. The one-part polyurethane moisture-curing adhesive in the cartridge eliminates metering and mixing and simplifies the production process. Common bonding substrates include wood, plastic, rubber and vinyl.

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