Syrgis Performance Specialties, a leading domestic manufacturer of Ultraviolet (UV) light absorbers, has extended its partnership with Viachem Ltd. for sales and marketing representation for its MAXGARD®UV light stabilizers.

Syrgis Performance Specialties, formerly Lycus, specializes in UV light absorbers for use in adhesives, plastics, coatings, textiles and personal care. The company leverages its relationship with Viachem, a leading supplier of specialty and fine chemicals, to increase market share for its MAXGARD brand of substituted benzophenones, according to Jimmy Wooten, global product manager for Syrgis Performance Specialties.

“Extending our relationship with Viachem allows us to better serve all of our target customers. Viachem provides a dedicated sales and support team that best addresses our distribution needs for these important markets, while also offering formulation assistance, creating new applications for the MAXGARD line, and adding value for our end-use customers,” said Wooten.

MAXGARD benzophenones are additives that have multiple uses, such as in personal care products where they preserve and enhance color and fragrance, which can diminish through UV exposure. As the sole producer of UV stabilizers in the U.S., Syrgis Performance Specialties is ideally positioned to benefit from Viachem’s representation services, according to Kyle Einhorn, vice president of business development for Viachem.

“Our work with Syrgis goes beyond the usual logistics, warehousing and repacking distributor model,” added Einhorn. “We deliver comprehensive market analyses and prospect qualification as well as sales representation for the company, acting as an extension of the Syrgis sales and marketing team to more effectively and efficiently deliver orders. Since Syrgis is a specialty chemical manufacturer with the expertise to meet unique, niche market needs, they are an ideal partner for Viachem.”

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