Nordson ASYMTEK has announced the availability of dual simultaneous jet dispensing. Dual simultaneous jetting uses two DispenseJet®valves to jet fluid, reducing dispense time by 50% while significantly reducing process variability with Calibrated Process Jetting Plus (CPJ+) capability. It is ideal for applications like CSP underfill and LED silicone encapsulation on multi-up panelized or patterned parts, or for similar applications where precision, accuracy, reliability, and increased throughput are required.

When jetting simultaneously, it is crucial that both jets deliver the same mass. Dual simultaneous jetting, in conjunction with Nordson ASYMTEK's CPJ+ technology, ensures that flow rates for both DispenseJets deliver the same mass per part for uniform deposition. The system automatically compensates for fluid viscosity changes over time as well as batch-to-batch variations to keep the process under machine control. Dual simultaneous jetting cuts dispense time in half, while CPJ+ technology increases dispense accuracy for higher yields and ensures consistent Takt times for improved process capability (CpK). In addition, the jets feature flexible spacing options to adapt to different application requirements.

Dual simultaneous jetting is available on Nordson ASYMTEK's Spectrum S-920N Series. The S-920N platform is ideal for high-volume microelectronics manufacturing and printed circuit board assembly. Its flexible architecture and upgradeability make the system capable of handling both current and future dispensing requirements on customer roadmaps. The Spectrum S-920N series’ key advantages are its scalability, small footprint and advanced process optimization capabilities.

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