This company has introduced a new series of temperature-indicating labels that can permanently document the temperature levels of a piece of equipment during operation. The irreversible temperature-indicating labels are a quick, easy and cost-effective solution for monitoring the temperature of equipment in the motor, aerospace, laboratory, pharmaceutical, and computer/electronics industries.

Brady’s new temperature-indicating labels are placed directly onto a piece of equipment. When the equipment reaches a certain temperature, the white area of the label will turn irreversibly black. This color change provides clear evidence of the highest temperature attained for that piece of equipment. 

Temperature-indicating labels can be used to monitor the temperature of equipment as part of a total preventive maintenance solution. They are commonly used on pieces of equipment that move or rotate, such as electric motors, transformers, brakes, pumps, batteries, circuit boards, and boilers.

Because Brady’s temperature-indicating labels have a low profile, they can be applied on many components and surfaces where typical electronic temperature recording instruments cannot feasibly reach. Ideal for temporary installations, these labels provide a non-intrusive solution that is more practical than installing a costly monitoring system for only a short period of time.

The temperature-indicating labels are available in four different legend types, including single-level temperature labels, four-level temperature labels and six-level temperature labels.

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