Techcon Systems, Chandler’s Ford, UK, has announced the availability of its new Techkit Mixer for the automatic mixing of two-component materials filled in a cartridge kit for quick and simple setup process.

The Techkit Mixer is a cartridge mixer equipped with an automatic fluid-level sensing device and a user-friendly electronic control system. An automatic injection feature provides even distribution of hardener into resin during the mixing cycle to ensure uniform mixed result. A high-torque motor maintains speed to allow for the continuous mixing of high-viscosity material. Safety features include two-hand start, an emergency stop button and the required closing of the protective enclosure to ensure maximum protection for operators.

The Techkit Mixer accommodates all standard-size cartridge kits ranging from 2.5 oz (74 ml) to 20 oz. (591 ml) and is immediately usable anywhere in the world with its accompanying tools, accessories, and universal power supply.

Supplied ready-to-use with power cord and air filter (with air hose), the Techkit Mixer is available in two models: TS6500CIM-6, for cartridge kit sizes of 2.5 (74 ml), 6.0 (177 ml), 8.0 oz (237 ml); and TS6500CIM-20, for 20 oz. (591 ml)  A conversion kit is also available for the 1/10 gallon (325 ml) cartridge kit size. Techkit Mixer has been rigorously tested to meet international EMC/safety requirements and has CE, cTUV-us marks.

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