OMNOVA Solutions has announced the availability of three new NovaCrylTMpressure-sensitive adhesives (PSA) for the vinyl film, tape and label markets. NovaCryl PS-P 180, NovaCryl PS-V 700 and NovaCryl PS-R 50 adhesives feature varying levels of adhesion, from permanent to ultra-removable, for a range of end uses including graphics, labeling, and removable protective films. Each is free of alkyl phenol ethoxylate (APE)-type surfactants, and each is available as a base polymer or a coater-ready formulation.

NovaCryl PS-P 180 waterbased acrylic base polymer is designed for permanent PSA applications. Featuring superior water and humidity resistance, as well as excellent adhesion to polyolefin surfaces, NovaCryl PS-P 180 is ideal for clear film label applications (such as those utilized on transparent bottles for shampoo, household cleaners, and other toiletries) as well as over-laminates and protective films. This product also offers good adhesion characteristics at low temperatures (-20°C). Other characteristics include superior clarity and resistance to yellowing; UV stability; and balance of peel, tack and shear properties.

NovaCryl PS-V 700 waterbased acrylic PSA base polymer for permanent PVC film applications exhibits excellent plasticizer resistance, good UV stability and clarity. This PSA builds adhesion over time, yet remains cleanly removable from most surfaces. It is ideal for a number of uses, including vinyl graphics, labels, wall decals and stickers, indoor and outdoor advertisements, over-laminates, and clear vinyl protective films. NovaCryl PS-V 700 also delivers a good balance of peel, tack and shear performance. It is FDA 21 CFR, section 175.105-compliant for indirect food contact applications.

NovaCryl PS-R 50 waterbased adhesive is an extension of OMNOVA’s removable PSA chemistry. Maintaining adhesion of less than half a pound, this single-component product provides excellent “cling” characteristics as well as clean removability and UV stability - all features coveted by the global electronics industry. NovaCryl PS-R 50 also exhibits stability and low peel on substrates with both low and high surface energies. This product is ideal for glass protective films, temporary indoor promotional posters and decals, and protective films for automotive and consumer electronic display applications. In addition, NovaCryl PS-R 50 is FDA 21 CFR, section 175.105-compliant for indirect food contact applications.

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