Choosing the right product solution for an application can be a challenge, but MACtac Graphic Products hopes to simplify the selection process with its newly enhanced Application Nation Wizard Builder tool.

Hosted on MACtac’s Application Nation Web site, recent updates and changes to Wizard Builder functionality now make the product-solution search tool easier to use. Customers simply select their application criteria - from application type, market, color, facestock, adhesive, print method and more - and are presented with a list of recommended application-specific product solutions. Wizard Builder will even populate application solutions when a project description is lacking specific details.

In addition to the newly enhanced Wizard Builder, the Application Nation Web site features a number of key functionalities, including: quick navigation to MACtac distributors worldwide; an “Ask the Expert” section; an open forum for industry networking; the latest graphic installation news; a project portfolio gallery for uploading and sharing jobs; and more.

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