DYMAX Corp. launched its new BlueWave®LED Prime UVA high-intensity spot-curing system and a new line of compatible adhesives at the recent Assembly Technology Expo (ATExpo) in Chicago. The unit offers many advantages over conventional spot-curing systems, including no consumable bulbs to change, no warm-up, cool cures, and constant intensity up to 50,000 hours.

The BlueWave LED Prime UVA generates curing energy using high-intensity LEDs (light-emitting Diodes) and produces the highest power of any LED spot-curing lamp on the market today. This system delivers maximum curing energy output through a 5 mm diameter lightguide, with an adjustable output up to >15 W/cm2. The relatively narrow frequency band produced by LEDs generates cooler curing temperatures for temperature-sensitive substrates and results in reduced power consumption. The lamp is RoHS compliant, offers user-friendly operation and boasts a useful LED life of up to 50,000 hours.

This unit is CE Marked for global use. Specially formulated LED-curable adhesives have been developed for use with the new BlueWave LED Prime UVA and were also showcased at ATExpo. These adhesives range from ultra-fast (less than 2 seconds) to fast cure to accommodate industrial and medical device bonding, potting, and coating assembly needs. They bond in seconds to a range of substrates including glass, metal, ABS, PC, PVC and many others.

For more information, visitwww.dymax.com.