New vinyl offers improved adhesion and performance.

Brady MiniMarkTM Label Printer

Brady GlobalMark®2 Printer

Brady Worldwide Inc. is replacing its existing indoor/outdoor vinyl label maker tape with a new, low-shrink vinyl. All B-588 vinyl materials for the Brady GlobalMark®2 and MiniMarkTMlabel printers will now use a more-advanced, superior vinyl - the new B-595 indoor/outdoor vinyl.

B-595 Indoor/Outdoor Vinyl Tapes

New Vinyl Offers Aggressive Adhesion to Harsh, Uneven Surfaces

The new B-595 vinyl label maker tape offers aggressive adhesive for the company’s label printers. It is ideal for indoor and outdoor facility labels, including 5S labels, safety labels, warning labels, pipe markers, arc flash labels, equipment labels, and visual workplace labels. The adhesive is proven to stick to irregular, highly textured and curved surfaces, and will stand up to grease, oil, and most industrial chemicals.

B-595 Indoor/Outdoor Vinyl

Because of this advanced adhesive, the B-595 label maker tape is also proven to adhere to “problem applications” that have traditionally been difficult for vinyl materials, including low-surface-energy applications like PVC piping, blow-molded equipment cases, ABS plastics, powder-coated surfaces and equipment made from recycled plastics.

B-595 Vinyl as Pipe Markers

New Low-Shrink Construction Reduces Buildup After Application

The B-595 indoor/outdoor labels feature a low-shrink vinyl construction that reduces dust and grime buildup that can appear around the edges of vinyl labels within a year of application. The low-shrink construction minimizes shrinkage of the label maker tape, and also reduces the adhesive buildup in label printer mechanisms.

The new vinyl has a lower application temperature than the existing vinyl label material. It can be applied at 0°F or above instead of 40°F or above, and the service temperature remains at -40°-185°F. It also features a five-year outdoor durability average in temperatures from -40°F to 180°F.

B-595 Vinyl on Cinder Block

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