BASF has announced a new website for its Neopor® expandable polystyrene (EPS), a product to improve insulation in newly built and renovated buildings. The site, which is designed for the North American market, offers features such as a literature section with product specifications and regulatory information; success stories and links to customers showcasing their use of Neopor in commercial applications; an expanded marketing section describing the properties and versatility of the product; and more.

“Our  objective  is  to  provide  a  comprehensive and user-friendly online resource  that  will  enable our customers and users of our product to find the  information  they need quickly and easily,” said Aaron Wood, BASF Marketing manager. “The site delivers an important, value-added capability for  our  customers by saving them time and giving them instant access to a wealth  of  information  about  our  products  and  services  and about the marketplace.”

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